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Overcoming Limited Access to Quality Clinical Experiences

Securing quality patient-centered clinical experience is a challenge for pre-health students without prior work experience, certifications, or intensive training, while accommodating rigorous academic workloads.

Incompatible Expectations for the Typical Pre-Health Student

Entry-level clinical jobs involve high competition and costly training. Nursing homes demand extensive availability unsuitable for pre-health students during the school year.

The Pre-Health Aids Initiative

Our algorithm matches pre-health students to paid, patient-centered caregiver positions for seniors and individuals with disabilities. No prior work history is needed; employers provide free training and accommodate your availability. With just a minimum of 4 hours per shift, once a week, our system enhances your access to compatible cases and you begin accumulating hours gaining clinical experience as a Pre-Health Aid.


Gain bedside manner skills and exposure to various chronic conditions providing care to vulnerable population.

Diverse Database

Demonstrate long standing commitment to the medical field while building a unified narrative.

Longitudinally Optimized

Overcome financial barriers providing a cost-effective avenue for valuable hands-on learning.

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"Joining the platform was a game-changer. I recognized stroke symptoms in my client, called emergency care, and the physicians later called me for details needed to make time sensitive treatment decisions. A testament to students' real impact in home care."
"I struggled securing home care work during COVID, I kept getting rejection after rejection. I learned about this opportunity through my school's Pre-Health announcements. Not only did I secure a position but I also gained valuable clinical experiences. Grateful for this incredible opportunity!"
"During my gap year, I was matched with a home care agency, and extended my gap year for valuable real-world experience. With two years in a patient-centered role as a caregiver, I felt well-prepared to apply to medical school. Big thanks for the awesome journey!"

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How It Works

1. Personal Information:

Upon signing up, you'll need to provide personal details such as your full name, contact information, and current academic status. This information will be used for communication purposes. Afterwards, log in to start submitting relevant documents.

2. Availability and Commitment:

Specify your availability for a minimum commitment of one 4-hour shift per week. If your schedule permits, feel free to select a schedule with more hours. Clear communication about your availability ensures proper matching with caregiving roles that align with your unique schedule.

3. Preferences and Interests:

Articulate any preferences or specific areas of interest within the mental health field. This information aids our matching process, ensuring alignment with your professional aspirations and creating a more fulfilling experience.

4. Acknowledgment and Submission:

Review the entered information to guarantee accuracy and completeness. By submitting the form, you acknowledge your commitment to engage as a Pre-Health-Aid, providing care in caregiving roles.

5. Matching Process:

Upon receiving your registration, our algorithm meticulously initiates the matching process. This process aims to pair you with suitable caregiving roles based on the parameters you've provided, ensuring a meaningful and rewarding match.

6. Onboarding and Training:

Upon successful matching, the hiring facility will guide you through a tailored onboarding process, providing comprehensive training on your role's responsibilities and expectations. This ensures your readiness, offering valuable insights into the facility's procedures and protocols for a seamless transition into your caregiving responsibilities.

Direct Patient Care Experience as a Pre-Health Aid

Embarking on a healthcare career demands a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by diverse populations, including older adults grappling with aging, physical disability, and various other chronic  conditions.

For Pre-Health Students, a clinical experience job as a direct care worker or caregiver offers unparalleled insights and valuable skills.

There are diverse direct care worker or caregiving roles providing exposure to a range of conditions, and in some instances, cases may overlap, encompassing both physical and mental health aspects

Direct Care Worker Roles

Direct Support Professional (DSP)

Learn about the impact of developmental challenges on mental health: Understand how intellectual and developmental disabilities influence an individual’s mental health, fostering empathy and enhancing your ability to provide personalized care.

Hoarder Support Caregiver

Gain insights into the psychological aspects of hoarding behavior: Explore the mental health complexities associated with hoarding, including potential underlying causes, coping mechanisms, and the importance of a supportive approach.

Companion Caregiver

Understand the effects of loneliness and isolation on mental well-being: Learn about the mental health implications of seniors experiencing loneliness and isolation. Discover the importance of companionship in promoting positive mental health outcomes.

Direct Care Worker

Enhance patient interaction, clinical observation, and compassion. Foster problem-solving skills, cultural competence, and a holistic approach to patient care. This role prepares individuals for successful careers as clinicians with essential skills positively impacting patient outcomes.

A patient-centered clinical experience opportunity as a Pre-Health Aid serves as a transformative learning opportunity, shaping future healthcare professionals who approach patient care with compassion, competence, and a nuanced understanding of the complex challenges associated with aging and disability. Leveraging our matching system significantly increases your chances of securing a position that aligns seamlessly with your goals, making the experience convenient and tailored to your unique strengths and interests.